Software development is expensive

It’s the first argument we come across when we talk to our customers. Vertics pricing is transparent and you know what you’re paying for. There is also the possibility of getting funding which our sales people have expertise in.

IT projects last for years

True but for different reason with us. As the world changes around us, software is required to adapt and evolve continually. The difference today is that the apps are not completed in a one fixed project. It’s smarter to push a raw version out ASAP and to involve the end users to get the best possible product for the right audience.

Communication with IT houses is difficult

This is why the reputation of the whole industry has taken a dent. In our opinion, the coders have not been customer-oriented enough. Vertics brings a change here. We have regular communication and summaries on the work that has been done. As professionals, we will also give our take on what should be developed next.

The Birth Story of Vertics – Atte Pohjanmaa & Max Valkama

10-12yrs – both did code stuff, e.g. interpretation software

Vertics was born in 2017 when Atte and Max caught their first bigger customer case

At the age of 18, more customer relationships and scaling of processes

At the age of 20, ie 2019: Vertics finishes the year with over 600k€ turnover and our first start-ups gain investors

2021 – we are aiming even higher as we start to look also at international growth possibilities

14-15 years – both got experience from Start-up Sauna in various projects

At the age of 17, the first clients and recruitments

At the age of 19, the first investor came along

2020 – the Corona year: Vertics grows, recruits and finishes at 1.3Meur turnover threshold

Vertics – Finnish IT service and development for all

The birth story of Vertics, founded in 2017, is not the most common of all. The software company was set up during the first year of high school studies, when Atte ”Ostrobothnia” Pohjanmaa and Max Kalhama, the founders of Vertics, were only 17 years old.

Despite their young age the duo had gained a considerable amount of experience in website and software development. This was before Vertics was even founded.

Both Atte and Max started coding at elementary school when they were under 12 years old. By the end of secondary school, experience had already accumulated from a few smaller start-up projects, until in 2017 the first large-scale customer project led to the birth of Vertics.

In the same year, the first recruitments were made to Vertics. With them, the new generation IT service house started to grow rapidly.

Vertics’ growth does not appear to be slowing

By the end of 2019, Vertics already employed more than 20 people. In this case, Jaakko Marin, an expert in IT service management and service business development who has consulted several listed companies in his career and has been awarded several times for his expertise, also joined as an investor.

In 2020, the coronavirus epidemic caused uncertainty for many companies, but for Vertics, after a difficult spring, unusual times mainly accelerated growth. During the year, the turnover of the company, which employed 25 external employees, exceeded the EUR 1.3 million threshold, and Vertics signed a bundle of new cooperation agreements. The success of 2020 at the latest made Vertics one of the more significant IT service houses in Finland.

The company’s growth has also been quoted in the Finnish media, as Vertics’ story has been told by big Finnish newspapers Yle and twice by Iltalehti, among others. Due to the success, the company’s founders have also received official recognition, as Pohjanmaa was awarded as the young entrepreneur of the Finnish Entrepreneurs’ Capital Region of 2021. Atte has also considered it important to give back to the community and has continued to keep in touch with the Helsinki Entrepreneurs Young Entrepreneurs (HYNY) network. HYNY honored Atte by awarding him the traditional annual peer award in 2017.

This creates a software house for continuous development

The reason for founding Vertics from the beginning was that the development of the IT industry has remained too stagnant. The company’s goal has been to prove that by developing operating methods, software development can be made more sustainable and faster and easier for customers’ finances.

Vertics’ operations rely in particular on three important cornerstones:

1. The price of software development must not be too expensive and the pricing must be transparent. With this, the customer only pays for the work done and the results achieved. Our prices currently start from 79€/hour + taxes which is about 632€ + taxes a day. Remember it’s from the land of Nokia 3310.

2. IT projects need to be agile. In this way, the software project does not get stuck in place indefinitely and the benefits of the investment can be enjoyed at the earliest possible stage of development. At the same time, the right feedback is also received from the first users, which is utilized in further development.

3. Communication between the software house and the customer should be easy and smooth. In Vertics projects, communication with the customer is regular and effective so that all parties know where the project is progressing.

You can also learn more about Vertics’ core operations and development through our blog posts. Though they haven’t been translated to English properly yet. 

The references brought credibility to the software house

For the references, work had to be done first even half-free. At an early stage, Vertics realized that this was a prerequisite for reaching the ears of larger customers. We had to take part in public tenders and get the word out about the new player. Below is an example of one socially significant and very successful project that is still actively used as a reference.

Kukunori – Pokka, data collection and comparison tool

Pokka, a digital tool in the field of organizations, revolutionized data collection and development work. Pokka helps Finnish organizations collect user feedback and compare the results of their own organization with organizations in the same field or region or with their own previous results. The success of the web application has surprised Kukunori positively, and their representatives gave us a positive interview about working with Vertics in a joint customer story.

Growth through cooperation

At the heart of the IT service house are customers, and today Vertics collaborates with several players., which provides various support services to entrepreneurs and small businesses in Finland, among others, ended up concluding a software development agreement with Vertics. As a former start up Vertics is also keen on helping new startups getting on their feet. stated they wanted to partner with a IT service house that would modernize and make the traditional IT industry more transparent.

LiquidBlox, which makes it easy to create websites and stores is also an important partner for Vertics. The partnership will allow both parties to enjoy growth through synergies. LiquidBlox provides a platform for lower-budget customers to easily drag and drop their own pages or leverage LiquidBlox’s website designers. Vertics, on the other hand, can focus on managing larger sites and projects that require customization with WordPress or just coding with React.

Vertics’ goal is always to provide a quality service experience, even if the technology requested by the customer is not at the heart of Vertics’ expertise. Vertics has set up a collaborative network at an early stage where freelancers or companies can be found for rarer technologies the customer seeks.

With this Vertics strives to ensure that the customer is offered a one-stop service that always generates value for them. The idea behind it is that while Vertics cannot provide developers for the technology used by the customer, the customer can still be directed to the right party. This benefits the entire software industry, companies and freelancers alike.

Hopefully, the number of partners will grow even more in the future as the word of ”the IT service house of continuous development” continues to circulate. In 2021, Vertics will once again break its own records in terms of sales and development will not stop in the years to come. Don’t be a stranger and give us a call.

Vertics – Out.


We are a rising Finnish IT house that concentrate on continuos development in our work as well as in our clients’. We employ more than 30 software developers, graphic designers, sales professionals and other experts, and our growth continues. When you decide to join our constantly evolving clients – you know what to do!

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