I do (mainly) frontend coding at Vertics but I can also work with backends. I’m fluent in React and JavaScript. If you don’t find me at my desk in the office coding away, I have probably escaped to the Seven Seas on a sailboat.


Kerttulin Lukion ICT linja


Frontend development

Experience 5 yrs

Backend development

Experience 3 yrs

Other languages I’ve been programming

Java, Python, C++, Solidity, Assembly


Since I was born


Finnish ( Native )
English ( Fluent )
Swedish (Lite )
Japan ( Konnichiwa <- (That’s about all) )



Nyxgen is an online travel service for business traveling.

Nyxgen was my first project at Vertics. It’s a website made with React. My role was in the frontend development. I did everything in the frontend and was the main developer in the project.

Technologies: React, Javascript, SASS


Airpro info screen

The info screen helps Airpro to track and visualize their performance on site.

I was the main developer for this project’s prototype and first few iterations. After that other people have taken the lead in this project and I haven’t been involved too much.

Technologies:  React, Node, CSS3


Iida CMS

This CMS was made for the admins and content creators of Iida


Vertics has made many projects for Iida. Including chat service, mobile app and this CMS. I was the lead frontend developer on this project and most of it was made by me.

Technologies:  React, Material-UI, Redux



Startnorth is platform for students to learn what school doesn’t teach


I’m the lead developer on many of Vertics’ projects related to Startnorth. I made most of the site, but some people have since continued and added extra features to this main website.

Technologies:  React, Redux, SASS

Starnorth organizer CMS

Startnorth organizer site is CMS for people to add events to the Startnorth system


I was assigned as a lead developer to the whole startnorth CMS frontend part. As such I have made the whole Organizer CMS

technologies:  React, Redux, SASS

Starnorth admin CMS

Startnorth admin CMS is similar to the organizer CMS, but it’s meant for admins to manage the events.


As the lead frontend dev in the Startnorth CMS system project, this admin panel is mostly made by me.

Technologies:  React, Redux, SASS

Floud plugin

Floud is an event management program and this is a plugin for their partners


This plugin was made as part of a Floud x Startnorth collaboration, but it’s a standalone system that can be added to any site. It was made mostly by me, but finished off by the developers of Floud.

Technologies:  React, CDN, Javascript

TVV info screen

Info screen to the Föli busses that shows incoming stops, weather forecast etc.


For this project I was the lead developer. I did the frontend and the backend. Most of the data came from the Föli servers, but we made an integration to the forecast services and it was also used.

Technologies:  React, Node, Express

Insite builder

Insite is a 360 image tour builder for companies


I was the lead frontend developer and have made big parts of the project including the 360 building system.

Technologies:  React, A-frame, Redux