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IT-asiantuntija. Olen tällä hetkellä yliopistossa opiskelemassa, mutta toimin yhä aktiivisesti Verticsin hallituksessa. Akateeminen kiinnostus makrotaloustieteeseen. Tavoitteena disruptoida nykyistä IT-alaa Verticsin kautta.



Finnish Native or bilingual proficiency English Professional working proficiency Swedish Limited working proficiency Chinese (working on it) Elementary proficiency


November 2018

Our team won #dashhack ’s Business Espoo track on how to increase visibility and accessibility of Espoo business services. Kudos to our team: Sabina Friman, Fanny Haga, Aleksandra Bodekhina and Iiris!

Erasmus+ Being Young Entrepreneur

August 2015 – May 2018 Other creators

FUTURE OF JOB APPLICATIONS – Project Mentori – Dash 2017 Hackathon Winner

November 2017

Our team performed really well on Dash hackathon with a project called Mentori. We won both hack the job track from KEHA and Reaktor’s unofficial prize of cool white space jackets !

Our project was about to make job-seeking more approachable to young people. Our basic idea was to make a process something that you would always benefit from even though you wouldn’t get the job.

The software consist three parts:
1. Activities: To-do’s and content that gives you a concrete tips and ways to develop yourself. The tips are useful for actually understanding what are the areas you interested in.
2. Scoreboard: Gamifies the process and gives a measures of performance in job seeking and tasks done.
3. Job market of short time, low level jobs. The system prioritizes applicants with least work experience and encourages the employer to give useful feedback for the employee. See the whole explanation of the project from
#hackthejob #mentori #gamification #dash #dashhack

Apple Education Leadership Summit

September 2016 – January 2017

MatCup Competition

March 2014 – March 2014

I worked as our class team leader in a MatCup mathematics competition. In the project we investigated the average Nordic countries. We collected data and created visualization and graphs on imaginary, average Nordic city. Our class was classified into the national finals and was awarded.


University of Helsinki. Batchelor’s and Master´s degree in Economics.


Vertics Oy – Founder 

May 2016 – Present • 3 years 2 months Helsinki Area, Finland Solutions with innovation. IT-consulting, software & web development company. Long term vision: develop disrupting IT solutions for enhanced transparency and visibility. Revenues 2019 (appr.): 1 000 000€
2018: 217 000€
2017: 17 000€ – Partner

September 2018 – Present • 10 months Robocalls #spinoff

AV-innovation Oy – Founder

April 2018 – Present • 1 year 3 months Next gen Audio Visual technology. IoT & Cloud.

Nyxgen Oy – Founder

October 2017 – Present • 1 year 9 months Digitalising consigliere travelling, future of business flights.

EMMA -Technician

– Espoo Museum of Modern Art June 2015 – July 2015 • 2 months Espoo The duties of mine were programming Medialon showmaster program, programming video player software and assisting exhibition mounting. I also assisted in organizing a screening event which demonstrated the newest audiovisual technologies.